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Every year, the release of Air Jordan’s latest generation of warfare boots will set off a boom. This year’s event brings the official release of “Air Jordan 34” and lifts the mysterious veil of the 34th generation of flying warfare boots.

This is a very subversive new combat boot, in which the shadow of Air Jordan’s previous work can hardly be seen, and the “salute” to Air Jordan 4 is also extremely restrained. It has not been greatly exaggerated, but only obscured in details.

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As the lightest Jordan wartime boot in history, Eclipse Plate, a new hollowed-out platform with Zoom Air cushion on the front and back palms, became the protagonist of the shoes.

The application of translucent cicada wing upper also allows the shoes to lose weight while bringing fashion-leading beauty.

In addition to Bred and Blue Void, which appeared on the day of the launch, Jordan Brand also officially announced three new color matches.

Air Jordan 34

Blue Void will be released on September 25.

Air Jordan 34 Blue Void

Color: Blue Void/Green Glow-Black-Metallic Silver

Style Code: AR3240-400

Release Date: September 25, 2019

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Blue Void

Air Jordan 34 Blue Void

The second color matching is Bred black and red, which pays tribute to the most popular and classic dress in Air Jordan’s history. Nike Air embroidery on the heel is already overwhelming!

Black and red Bred may be officially launched in early October, with white tones as the main refreshing dress, which is also a good choice for streetwear.

Air Jordan 34 Bred

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Eclipse matching matches the theme of modern science and technology, guided by the spirit of “Seeing the Sun through Clouds”, this pair of shoes has sophisticated details besides calmness, paying tribute to MJ’s hard journey to break through the difficulties of the Pistons and finally win the championship.

Air Jordan 34 Eclipse

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Guo Allen PE’s color matching is still a Chinese jade dress. The motto “Where the heart is, where the body is going” has been retained. The upper shows snow leopard texture, which has a high sense!

Inspired by ancient Chinese weapons, personal signs and Jumpman are presented on the left and right heels respectively, showing Guo Allen’s impact.

Air Jordan 34 Guo Allen PE

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Amber Rise color matching takes the vision of human landing on Mars as the theme, and presents the surface tone of Mars on the upper of the shoe, which demonstrates the spirit of daring to think and do.

Air Jordan 34 Amber Rise

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At present, except for the first color matching, the sale date of the other color matching is uncertain.