Where to Buy A Snakeskin Air Force 1?

From the “Three Snakes” in pink-blue-white of Air Jordan 1 to the soon-to-be-sold snakeskin NIKE Air Foamposite One, snake pattern matching seems to account for half of NIKE’s shoes Market in 2019.

Cheap Air Force 1 Snakeskin

In recent times, a pair of Air Force 1 which used the same sneaker skin to craft is very popular in the market.

Fake Air Force 1 Snakeskin

This shoe is based on the conventional AIR FORCE 1 white low-upper shoe, with Python pattern combined with heel and NIKE Swoosh part of yellow-ash, and even has a rugged feeling similar to relief design. The interpretation of “snakeskin” can be said to be vivid.

Air Force 1 Snakeskin

Overall, the shoes are relatively simple, but its snakeskin Nike Swoosh is one of the highlights that can not be ignored.

Air Force 1

It is reported that the shoes have been officially launched, but in the first second of landing the shoes have been all sold out. I think many people were surprised by the enthusiasm of footwear players!

Best Air Force 1 Snakeskin

The myth of selling out in a second seems to give only this brand new pair of snakeskin AIR FORCE 1.

Air Force 1 Snake

Interested friends can pay attention to us, the first time to bring you the information about the shoe replenishment!

Snakeskin Sneaker

Best Air Force 1

Air Force 1 Snakeskin Sneaker