Which Air Force 1 Is Worth Buying?

In recent times, Nike’s official media center released a new air force 1 for women.

Air Force 1 Shadow

Air Force 1 Shadow shoe features a “double Swoosh logo overlay” and presents a multi-level design in detail. At the same time, with bold design techniques, these extraordinary and distinct classical elements are reinterpreted and highlighted in the avant-garde and elegant way.

cheap air force 1 Shadow

Air Force 1 Shadow

The two treatments that the increased midsole specially designed for girls is designed with a fashionable sense of promotion, and the shoes make the core stand out in the outsole, make the shoes lighter and more comfortable as a whole.

Air Force 1 Shadow

Air Force 1 Shadow

The series shoes of Air Force 1 Shadow will be launched in the late half of September. And two Air Force 1 sneaker shoes which are specially designed for girls will make their debut continuously.

The first is Air Force 1 Shell, its design inspiration is originated from Nike’s main “hardcore” jacket (which is commonly dubbed as water-resistant cap jacket). It also integrated into rope drawing details to realize the free adjustment of sculpting.

And the DWR coating material featuring wear-resistant and water-resistant can effectively moisture-proof and cold-proof. It is very suitable for wearing in autumn and winter.

Air Force 1 Shell

And another style is Air Force 1 Reflective. It added brand-new design in shoe tongue and shoelace, which combined pebble-patterned skin with 3M reflective material.

Air Force 1 Reflective

These two shoes will be officially released in the early half of November. And subsequently, we will pay continuous attention to the latest news so as to bringing the latest report for sneakerheads at the first time.