Air Jordan 1 High Zoom R2T Physical Map Exposed

Recently, a new set of Air Jordan 1 High Zoom R2T physical pictures have been exposed. But where to buy cheap Air Jordan 1 High Zoom R2T?Air Jordan 1 High Zoom R2T

The whole shoe body is charcoal black in the non-reflective state, while in the reflective state, the effect is extremely dazzling, showing a dazzling color similar to blue.

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The Zoom tags are added under the flanking logo to show the special identity different from the previous ones. With a crystal base, the overall effect is very cool.

Air Jordan 1 High Zoom R2T

The midsole part adopts Zoom Strobel air cushion without midsole cloth as KD12, and the feet feel is completely upgraded!

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It is known that this shoe is expected to appear at the end of the year. Interested friends can pay attention to us and we will bring you the latest news.

Air Jordan 1 High Zoom R2T

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Air Jordan 1 High Zoom R2T

Air Jordan 1 High Zoom R2T

Air Jordan 1 High Zoom R2T

Air Jordan 1 High Zoom R2T

Which pair of Air Jordan 34 do you like best?

Cheap Air Jordan 34

Every year, the release of Air Jordan’s latest generation of warfare boots will set off a boom. This year’s event brings the official release of “Air Jordan 34” and lifts the mysterious veil of the 34th generation of flying warfare boots.

This is a very subversive new combat boot, in which the shadow of Air Jordan’s previous work can hardly be seen, and the “salute” to Air Jordan 4 is also extremely restrained. It has not been greatly exaggerated, but only obscured in details.

Cheap Jordan 34 Blue Void

Fake Jordan 34 Blue Void

As the lightest Jordan wartime boot in history, Eclipse Plate, a new hollowed-out platform with Zoom Air cushion on the front and back palms, became the protagonist of the shoes.

The application of translucent cicada wing upper also allows the shoes to lose weight while bringing fashion-leading beauty.

In addition to Bred and Blue Void, which appeared on the day of the launch, Jordan Brand also officially announced three new color matches.

Air Jordan 34

Blue Void will be released on September 25.

Air Jordan 34 Blue Void

Color: Blue Void/Green Glow-Black-Metallic Silver

Style Code: AR3240-400

Release Date: September 25, 2019

Jordan 34 Blue Void Replica

Blue Void

Air Jordan 34 Blue Void

The second color matching is Bred black and red, which pays tribute to the most popular and classic dress in Air Jordan’s history. Nike Air embroidery on the heel is already overwhelming!

Black and red Bred may be officially launched in early October, with white tones as the main refreshing dress, which is also a good choice for streetwear.

Air Jordan 34 Bred

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Fake Jordan 34 Bred

Eclipse matching matches the theme of modern science and technology, guided by the spirit of “Seeing the Sun through Clouds”, this pair of shoes has sophisticated details besides calmness, paying tribute to MJ’s hard journey to break through the difficulties of the Pistons and finally win the championship.

Air Jordan 34 Eclipse

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Guo Allen PE’s color matching is still a Chinese jade dress. The motto “Where the heart is, where the body is going” has been retained. The upper shows snow leopard texture, which has a high sense!

Inspired by ancient Chinese weapons, personal signs and Jumpman are presented on the left and right heels respectively, showing Guo Allen’s impact.

Air Jordan 34 Guo Allen PE

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Amber Rise color matching takes the vision of human landing on Mars as the theme, and presents the surface tone of Mars on the upper of the shoe, which demonstrates the spirit of daring to think and do.

Air Jordan 34 Amber Rise

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At present, except for the first color matching, the sale date of the other color matching is uncertain.

Air Jordan 12 “Game Royal”,Time to Shine

Air Jordan 12 Game Royal, similar to the classic AIR Jordan 12 “influenza” color scheme, has attracted much attention since its exposure. After Jason Tatum wore these shoes, more shoe fans liked the color matching.

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Classic black and blue color matching have appeared in many AJ shoes. Easy-matching makes this color matching very popular, this AJ 12 seems to have a good market performance.

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Symbolic color-impact stitching shoe body, with high-quality litchi pattern leather and similar Lizard Leather Design presented, not only eye-catching, but the texture is also very good, to the autumn and winter season is absolutely a tool on the feet. It will be on sale on September 21. If you like, pay attention to it.

Air Jordan 12 “Game Royal”

Release Date: September 21st, 2019

Color: Black/Game Royal-Black

Style Code: 130690-014

Jordan 12 Game Royal

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Jordan 12 Game Royal

Air Jordan 12 “Sunrise” For Girls Online Sale

Air Jordan 12 “Sunrise”

Release Date: October 4th, 2019

Color: Racer Pink/Hot Punch-Bright mango-sunset pulse-metallic silver

Style Code: 510815-601

A few weeks ago, we saw a commemorative FIBA color scheme through Reverse Taxi and Royal Game, as well as a number of color schemes that have not yet been officially announced. Now it seems that Air Jordan 12 will usher in eventful autumn, bringing a rich and colorful “sunrise” program for girls. Dressed up as if taking a spin through a kindergarten class freshly introduced to color pencils, the pair is loud without much regard for neutrals; only midsoles stay a flat white tone while uppers lie in the entirely opposite direction. A sort of makeshift gradient starts from toe to heel, brightening up in a completely saturated orange and then switching quickly to a deep red with only two middling shades lying in between. Both tongues and laces match the first bright tint with branded embroidery contrasting in their silvery tone, one not too unlike the mudguards glossy finish. If you’re interested in picking these up for yourself or someone special in your life, be sure to stay updated for word on our website.

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Jordan 12 Sunrise For Girl

Jordan 12 Sunrise

Air Jordan 10 Retro “Seattle” First Look

Jordan Brand recently exposed a new Air Jordan 10 “Seattle” supersonic color matching, the main body of the shoe is classic white leather, using Seattle iconic green embellishment of the shoe body lining and sole and other details. The matching between white and green has a very high recognization. I believe it will be another sharp weapon in autumn and winter.

Cheap Jordan 10 Seattle

This is also the first time that Jordan brought Seattle Supersonic Colour Matching after releasing the AJ10 of the City Series in 1995. If you want to cop one pair, you need to hold the opportunity. It is known that the Colour Matching will be officially launched on October 19. We will continue to pay attention to more specific sales information.

Fake Jordan 10 Seattle

Air Jordan 10 “Seattle”

Release Date: October 19th, 2019

Color: White/Black/Green

Style Code: 310805-137

Jordan 10 Seattle

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Jordan 10 Seattle

Jordan Size:

Women US:5.5=EUR:36=UK:3
Women US:6=EUR:36.5=UK:3.5
Women US:6.5=EUR:37.5=UK:4
Women US:7=EUR:38=UK:4.5
Women US:7.5=EUR:38.5=UK:5
Women US:8=EUR:39=UK:5.5
Men US:7=EUR:40=UK:6
Men US:7.5=EUR:40.5=UK:6.5
Men US:8=EUR:41=UK:7
Men US:8.5=EUR:42=UK:7.5
Men US:9=EUR:42.5=UK:8
Men US:9.5=EUR:43=UK:8.5
Men US:10=EUR:44=UK:9
Men US:10.5=EUR:44.5=UK:9.5
Men US:11=EUR:45=UK:10

Air Jordan 1 “Shattered Backboard 3.0” Preemption

Air Jordan 1 Retro High OG “Shattered Backboard 3.0”

Release Date: October 26th, 2019

Color: Black/Pale Vanilla-Starfish

Style Code: 555088-028

Jordan 1 Retro High Shattered Backboard 3.0

Earlier, we reported that Air Jordan 1 “Shattered Backboard 3.0” is expected to be released this year. Today, according to the latest news, the high-profile Air Jordan 1 “Shattered Backboard 3.0” shoe has been officially exposed. The overall theme of Air Jordan 1 is shown in the picture, with black and orange colors interlacing the whole shoe body. What is unique is the visual wrinkle of the selected bright lacquer leather and the seemingly oxidized sole of the sole highlight the retro visual effect of the shoe style. Officials have not yet decided whether the Air Jordan 1 “Shattered Backboard 3.0” is the final version for sale, but what do you think after reading it? Welcome everyone to express their views enthusiastically.

Cheap Jordan 1 Retro High Shattered Backboard 3.0

Cheap Jordan 1 Shattered Backboard 3.0

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Jordan 1 Retro High Shattered Backboard 3.0

Air Jordan 9 “Gym Red” Is Dropping In Full Family Sizes

Although Air Jordan 9 is not as popular as other AJ, Jordan Brand still launches several new color matches for it every year. This time, we welcome the classic red and white of Air Jordan 9 “Gym Red”.

Cheap Air Jordan 9 Gym Red

This new color matching is similar to a pair of Air Jordan 9 “Sample” in 2013. The shoe body is a mosaic of white leather and red lacquer. It is matched with the black Jumpman logo, lace buckle and shoe lifts to show classic retro style. And then the unique Jumpman logo and the embroidery of 23, highlight the extraordinary significance.

Air Jordan 9 Gym Red

It is reported that it will be officially launched on October 5. Interested friends may wish to pay attention to it and not miss it.

Air Jordan 9 “Gym Red”

Release Date: October 5th, 2019

Color: White/Black-Gym Red

Style Code: 302370-160

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Where to Buy Travis Scott’s Air Jordan 6?

Travis Scott is arguably one of the most well-designed rappers, and this year, every pair of shoes he and Jordan Brand jointly launched is very hot. Even the original “younger brother” shoes AJ 1 Low became very popular after his creation, so people have to sigh: it is a design genius. His joint work is not over yet, and then there will be AJ 6, Air Force 1.

Fake Air Jordan 6

With the experience of the sudden appearance of several previous versions, we must also keep an eye on the upcoming Travis Scott x Air Jordan 6.

Travis Scott x Air Jordan 6

This joint version is publicly recognized as a high-looking, using tough shape with olive upper, creating a strong military atmosphere.

Fake Air Jordan 6

Infrared details, pocket design, reflective elements, and night light bottom support, make this color matching full of strong points.

Travis Scott x Air Jordan 6

The Nike Air and Cactus Jack embroidery logos with infrared hues on the heels are also very striking, highlighting the joint identity.

Travis Scott x Air Jordan 6

Travis Scott x Air Jordan 6

Release Date: October 12th, 2019

Color: Medium Olive/Black-Sail-University Red

Style Code: CN1084-200


Where to Buy the Cheap Michigan-Inspired Air Jordan 5?

Air Jordan 5 is Jordan’s fifth generation of sneakers, designed by Tinker Hatfield, a designer of the famous Jordan series. The typical feature of AJ5, which was debuted in 1989, is the flame graffiti of American Mustang fighter. The large 3M reflective tongue on the upper of the shoe, the ventilation net on the side of the shoe and the transparent rubber sole are all the brilliant designs of AJ5.

Air Jordan 5——SP Michigan

Cheap Air Jordan 5

The AJ5 Retro SP, named “Inspire”, is based on the theme color of the University of Michigan, yellow and Navy blue. The bright yellow suede body is inspired by the University of Michigan team uniform color matching, complemented by black midsole and light blue crystal outsole embellishment. It has a strong visual impact and is impressive.

Fake Jordan 5

Details are also quite brilliant. The tongue is made of 3M reflective material. Instead of using the traditional “M” logo of the University of Michigan, the sneakers are printed with “Inspire” similar to the player’s name style on the shirt to reflect the theme of the sneakers. The big AJ logo on the sole and outside of the tongue is also very eye-catching.

Air Jordan 5——Retro International Flight

Air Jordan 5 Retro International Flight

This air Jordan 5 “international flight” is a perfect match for Jordan’s fast and aggressive style on the court. At the same time, another highly designed and decorative midsole also has a profound and significant impact on the design and construction of the AJ series of shoes for future generations. This innovative design is very noticeable. The side of the shoe body is made of transparent mesh material instead of leather material. It has air permeability and reduces the weight of the shoe itself. It does not give people a very heavy and cumbersome feeling. And transparent mesh material also provides support, so that the side and surface of the shoes will not easily dent.

Cheap Jordan 5 International Flight

The sole is made of a transparent rubber sole with excellent grip firstly. Especially in the venue competition, the grip is particularly prominent, there will be no skidding phenomenon. The large 3M reflective surface of the tongue is also a highlight of this shoe, which is particularly noticeable on the court, and the design of the reflective strip is quite fashionable. There is also a small detail in the shoelace part. It uses the “shoelace fastening buckle” support, making the wrapping of shoes more prominent, and even if the shoelace is loose, it will not affect the wearing experience. The theme of this international flight is Barcelona, Spain. The color of the theme is beige, which represents the mild sunshine of Barcelona. Blue and orange are also inspired by Barcelona’s street art.

Where to Buy Cheap Bodega x NB997S?

There is no doubt that for those who have concerns about New Balance, they must know that in the first half of this year, New Balance had a joint partnership with Bodega.
New Balance and Bodega introduced a pair of personalized matching colors based on the modified New Balance 997S.

Cheap Bodega x NB997S

Most importantly, that pair of sneakers has now been pulled for thousands of dollars, which is scarcely expensive.

The two sides saw the success of the joint name, and soon began the design of the second double name.

Bodega x NB997S

Bodega x New Balance 997S “No Bad Days” is still the iconic shape of New Balance 997S, while the color matching and material are richer than the original joint name version.

Multi-material stitching of the shoe body proved that the cost of the shoes is high, and the fashion color collision has also changed the old color scheme of New Balance, which is more personality and stability.

Fake Bodega x New Balance

And just this morning Bodega x New Balance 997S “No Bad Days” officially released the official pictures. Let’s have a look at it!

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Bodega x NB997S

Bodega x NB997S

Bodega x New Balance

Bodega x New Balance

Bodega x New Balance