How to Spot Fake AJ1?

As a classic basketball shoe series, AJ1 always exists as a hugely popular sneaker shoe series. Then the booming back fake shoes are also flooded in the sneaker market. So if you are not careful you will fall into the trap.

Air Jordan 1

Let’s stop the gossip.

Here’s how to identify the true and the fake Air Jordan 1.

Fist, the shoelace tying.

If your shoes are the certified products, when you opened the shoe box, you can see that the shoelaces only fastened in the front two holes. And if you find that your AJ1 shoelaces have an extra cross, it proves that you have bought fake shoes.

Real AJ 1 VS. Fake AJ1

Can you distinguish the above two white shattered backboard, which is true, which is false?

Fake Air Jordan 1

Real Air Jordan 1

Second, the details of the toe cap.

Real Air Jordan 1 VS. Fake Air Jordan 1

Compared with the quality product, fake has a darker orange and a wider toe cap.

How to Spot Fake AJ1

At the intersection of orange and white on the sole and midsole of the shoe, the demarcation line of the genuine products is quite neat, and the fake will have the problem of color crossing the demarcation line.

How to Spot Fake AJ1

If you press the toe cap, you will find that the genuine product is thick, and the fake is very soft and collapsed.

Third, the tongue of the shoe.

AJ1 Real Vs. Fake

The tongue of the genuine shoe is pure white, however, the fake’s tongue is milky white.

Fake AJ1 VS. Real AJ1

The NIKE tag of the genuine tongue is perfectly embedded in the second line of the tongue.

The font of fake has a big gap with the second line.

Real AJ1

Fake AJ 1

The color of the genuine products will be darker, but the color of fake is obviously lighter.

Fourth, Air Jordan shoe mark.

Real Air Jordan shoes

Real AJ Shoes

In the Air Jordan logo, we can see that the authentic letters “R” and “D” are connected. The black print is clearly separated from the orange font.

Fake Air Jordan Shoes

Fake AJ Shoes

The two letters of fake are separated. Black ink will penetrate orange fonts.

Fifth, Swoosh.

Genuine AJ1 Shoes

Genuine Air Jordan 1

The position of Swoosh involves leather cutting The edge of the genuine black hook is cut neatly and the cortex is better.

False Air Jordan 1

False AJ1 Shoes

The edge position of the Swoosh of fake you will see a lot of hairs. The cortex also shows more wrinkles.

Sixth, heel shape.

AJ1 Real vs Fake

The shape of the shoe’s tail is an important rule to distinguish the true from the false.

Air Jordan 1

Genuine tails is a chamfered shape like an hourglass. Fake is a straight line.

Seventh, complimentary shoelaces.

Air Jordan 1 Real vs Fake

You can find some differences from the giveaway shoelaces.
Air Jordan 1 shoelace

The plastic bag of shoelaces for genuine packaging is just like the above picture.

AJ1 shoelace

While the plastic bag of fake has added a red line.

Eighth, insole.

Air Jordan 1 insole

The basket of authentic insoles is orange. While the fake’s basket is red.

Air Jordan 1 insole

The back of the authentic insoles is light blue with twill lines.

Fake AJ1 insole

Fake is not only the color wrong but also the twill.

Ninth, under the insole.

Fake Air Jordan 1 shoe

When you move the insoles, you will find that fake has a line of blue fonts.

Real Air Jordan 1 Shoe

For genuine products, you will find it is fairly clean under the insole.

Tenth, shoebox.

Air Jordan 1 Shoebox

The genuine shoebox is pure black with no impurities.

Fake Air Jordan 1 Shoebox

Fake’s shoebox will find cross-lines.