How to Spot AJ1 With Dunk SB?

If you’re a novice sneaker player, you maybe know AJ1 but don’t know much about Dunk SB. What relation does AJ1 have with Nike SB, which one is the more popular version in Nike’s own home currently? Why are the two shoes so similar in appearance? And what are the differences between the AJ1 and SB series? What stories do they have? There must be many people interested.

Dunk SB

They have three main differences.

First, the types of shoes are different: AJ1 is basketball shoes, Nike SB is skateboard shoes;

Second, details and configurations are different: the most obvious difference is that the midsole materials of Nike SB and AJ1 are different;

Third, the difference in price: Although the selling price is close to each other, the average price of AJ1 is much higher than that of SB Dunk because of the different market atmosphere and hype methods. Some shoe caps jokingly call AJ1 and Dunk SB as acting school and strength school.

Next, we will introduce it in detail.

Air Jordan 1

First of all, the type of shoes. Let’s start with the origin of these two shoes. AJ1 was originally made for basketball shoes (the prototype is AF1). And this pair of shoes was highly concerned at that time because Nike paid MJ a fine of up to $5000 per game, to ask MJ to wear AJ1 bred. This is also the origin of the famous AJ1 banned color matching. At that time, AJ1 attracted wide attention and has high popularity. Teams in Colleges and universities all wanted to have their own footwear. Therefore, according to the modification made by AJ1, Nike Company introduced the Dunk series as team shoes of University teams. The Dunk SB series is the skateboard shoe branch line under the Dunk series, which appearance is similar to that of the Dunk series.

Air Jordan 1 

At the time of the launch, Dunk respectively represented eight top basketball teams of the University of North Carolina, the University of Arizona and the University of Arkansas and so on. So there are eight completely different colors for the original SB. Dunk takes Air Jordan Generation 1 which has excellent grip performance as its design prototype, which ensures that those excellent players can move lightly and steadily on the court.


Anyway, one thing is certain about these two shoes: one is basketball shoes and another is skateboarding shoes.

Next, let’s look at the differences in appearance. First of all, the appearance of these two pairs of shoes is almost the same. They all create a sense of restraint through the overall streamline of the shoe and are not as bulky as other basketball shoes. In terms of material, AJ1 uses more cortex, while Dunk SB prefers suede.

Air Jordan 1

The details, in addition to the most obvious heel, is that only the side of the AJ1 upper will have wings logo, while the side of the AJ1 suture is more than the Dunk SB.

Compared with AJ1, Dunk SB has a thicker tongue with the word Nike SB on it. The sponge at the upper is more full and has stronger wrapping performance. In addition, a small lifting ring is added to the heel of the shoe, and the stitching is more solid. It is worth mentioning that SB uses cylindrical thick shoelaces, while AJ1 uses the same wide shoelaces as AF1.


Although the sole style is roughly the same, the outer sole of Dunk SB is thicker than AJ1, and denser lines, more arch support in the inner of the midsole. The composition of the improved outer sole makes Dunk SB more wear-resistant. In addition, the flanks of Dunk SB are not stitched. In this case, the style of AJ1 is mostly stitched (for example, the new style of AJ1 is also stitched).

As a whole, the appearance of aj1 is slimmer, and the style of SB is more diverse and more design-oriented.


Next, let’s talk about configuration.

The midsole technology of AJ1 and Dunk is different. The midsole of AJ1 is sole air cushion, and SB is a zoom air cushion. Many people think that the try-on feel of Dunk SB is better than that of AJ1. In my opinion, the try-on feel of two series’ shoes is the same, but to be honest, the sole thickness of SB is obviously thicker than AJ1.


All the introductions are finished. Finally, we talk about the status of AJ1 and SB. The price of AJ1 in the sneaker market can be summarized as chaotic”. Super-high prices, no new color matching, and perfunctory material. SB is relatively quiet, as a popular style in previous years, it has a few new color matchings. Of course, it only depends on your decision. While you like it, you can choose any version.