Three Silk Air Force 1 is on sale

Previously, a blue silk Air Force 1 appeared on the Internet. The delicate embroidery and unique specifications make people think of CLOT x Air Force 1 white silk. And it makes many players look forward to.

silk Air Force 1

Recently, the Air Force 1 finally officially released these three silk color matching shoes, which greatly satisfied the long-time expectations of sneakerheads all over the world.

The official has announced the release date. Japan’s sneakers stores have sold recently. At the same time, two other silk color matching products will be on the market at the same time.

Silk Air Force 1 White

The third color matching combines the texture of the previous two color matching and is decorated with red and orange, bringing a gorgeous shape with Chinese charm.

Silk Air Force 1 Orange

Grab a look at those off-foot images and cop one if you are interested.

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Silk Air Force 1 Blue

This blue silk Air Force 1 shoe body is made of satin material, embroidered with unique geometric texture, delicate and magical.

There is also a white theme, upper embroidery with light pink flower texture, look more similar to white silk.

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