Air Force 1, High Specifications And Limited Sales!

Nike Air Force 1 series has always been an evergreen tree in the field of sneakers, with its classic appearance design and easy-matching shape. It is very popular.

Nike Air Force 1

Recently, the well-known shoe explosive account has brought us a unique Air Force 1, a large number of netizens have shouted: rush! This Air Force 1 made of super high quality makes our eyes bright. The triple black shoe body is decorated with a white Swoosh outline. The visual impact is very strong. It has a sense of retro and fashion. This pair of shoes is ultra-limited. It uses high-specification pearl leather to build the body, and its texture is very outstanding. It is known that this color matching will be officially launched on September 28. Don’t miss it if you like it.

Nike Air Force 1

Air Force 1

Nike Air Force 1

Fake Air Force 1

Air Force 1 Replica

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