Air Jordan 5 “Fire Red” Details

More and more people are paying attention to Air Jordan 5. To celebrate this classic trapeze boots born in 1990, in addition to the OFF-WHITE Jordan 5 co-branded, Jordan 5 Top3 combination, purple grapes, and other fresh color appearances, they are the most exciting. Looking forward, no doubt this pair of Rukawa Feng Air Jordan 5 “Fire Red” returning next month! The following is Air Jordan 5 “Fire Red” details!

Cheap Air Jordan 5 Fire Red

The last re-enactment dates back to 2013, and comes back again after seven years! Not only is it the colorway that the trapeze Jordan is frequently on the field, but also because of the setting of Rukawa Feng in “Slam Dunk“, it has become one of the earliest enlightenment shoes for many players!

Its iconic silver grey 3M large tongue, black and red midsole arrow teeth, classic elastic lace locks, swelled upper leather, and bright red Nike Air embroidery on the heel, which make Air Jordan 5 “Fire Red” retro flavors!

Following the release of the previous official pictures, freshly released Jordan 5 top-level beautiful pictures have also appeared on the Internet recently! White, black, classic red bull color matching, silver tongue, and light blue jelly outsole balance the overall vision, classical and good to wear!

Cheap Air Jordan 5 Fire Red (1)

Following the release of the previous official pictures, other Jordan 5 colorways pictures have appeared on the Internet recently! The white, black, classic red bull colorway, silver tongue, and light blue jelly outsole balance the overall vision, classical and good to wear!

Where to Buy the Cheap Michigan-Inspired Air Jordan 5?

Air Jordan 5 is Jordan’s fifth generation of sneakers, designed by Tinker Hatfield, a designer of the famous Jordan series. The typical feature of AJ5, which was debuted in 1989, is the flame graffiti of American Mustang fighter. The large 3M reflective tongue on the upper of the shoe, the ventilation net on the side of the shoe and the transparent rubber sole are all the brilliant designs of AJ5.

Air Jordan 5——SP Michigan

Cheap Air Jordan 5

The AJ5 Retro SP, named “Inspire”, is based on the theme color of the University of Michigan, yellow and Navy blue. The bright yellow suede body is inspired by the University of Michigan team uniform color matching, complemented by black midsole and light blue crystal outsole embellishment. It has a strong visual impact and is impressive.

Fake Jordan 5

Details are also quite brilliant. The tongue is made of 3M reflective material. Instead of using the traditional “M” logo of the University of Michigan, the sneakers are printed with “Inspire” similar to the player’s name style on the shirt to reflect the theme of the sneakers. The big AJ logo on the sole and outside of the tongue is also very eye-catching.

Air Jordan 5——Retro International Flight

Air Jordan 5 Retro International Flight

This air Jordan 5 “international flight” is a perfect match for Jordan’s fast and aggressive style on the court. At the same time, another highly designed and decorative midsole also has a profound and significant impact on the design and construction of the AJ series of shoes for future generations. This innovative design is very noticeable. The side of the shoe body is made of transparent mesh material instead of leather material. It has air permeability and reduces the weight of the shoe itself. It does not give people a very heavy and cumbersome feeling. And transparent mesh material also provides support, so that the side and surface of the shoes will not easily dent.

Cheap Jordan 5 International Flight

The sole is made of a transparent rubber sole with excellent grip firstly. Especially in the venue competition, the grip is particularly prominent, there will be no skidding phenomenon. The large 3M reflective surface of the tongue is also a highlight of this shoe, which is particularly noticeable on the court, and the design of the reflective strip is quite fashionable. There is also a small detail in the shoelace part. It uses the “shoelace fastening buckle” support, making the wrapping of shoes more prominent, and even if the shoelace is loose, it will not affect the wearing experience. The theme of this international flight is Barcelona, Spain. The color of the theme is beige, which represents the mild sunshine of Barcelona. Blue and orange are also inspired by Barcelona’s street art.