Where to Buy A Snakeskin Air Force 1?

From the “Three Snakes” in pink-blue-white of Air Jordan 1 to the soon-to-be-sold snakeskin NIKE Air Foamposite One, snake pattern matching seems to account for half of NIKE’s shoes Market in 2019.

Cheap Air Force 1 Snakeskin

In recent times, a pair of Air Force 1 which used the same sneaker skin to craft is very popular in the market.

Fake Air Force 1 Snakeskin

This shoe is based on the conventional AIR FORCE 1 white low-upper shoe, with Python pattern combined with heel and NIKE Swoosh part of yellow-ash, and even has a rugged feeling similar to relief design. The interpretation of “snakeskin” can be said to be vivid.

Air Force 1 Snakeskin

Overall, the shoes are relatively simple, but its snakeskin Nike Swoosh is one of the highlights that can not be ignored.

Air Force 1

It is reported that the shoes have been officially launched, but in the first second of landing the shoes have been all sold out. I think many people were surprised by the enthusiasm of footwear players!

Best Air Force 1 Snakeskin

The myth of selling out in a second seems to give only this brand new pair of snakeskin AIR FORCE 1.

Air Force 1 Snake

Interested friends can pay attention to us, the first time to bring you the information about the shoe replenishment!

Snakeskin Sneaker

Best Air Force 1

Air Force 1 Snakeskin Sneaker

How to Buy Air Jordan 1 High OG “Black Satin”?

A few days ago, we brought you the news of a new black and red Air Jordan 1, which will be released early next year. Many players said it was common.

Air Jordan 1 High OG Black Satin

Today, there are the latest physical pictures on the Internet, but I didn’t expect that the shoe body was made of silk material!

cheap Air Jordan 1 High OG Black Satin

With black as the main tone, the laces and upper wing logo are decorated with red and the midsole is decorated with white. The overall style is quite classic.

The main body of the shoe body is made of silk material, while leather material is used in heels, toes, and swoosh, which undoubtedly makes the pure black upper more hierarchical.

Air Jordan 1 High

The metal reflective effect in the above pictures should be the reflection of silk material.

Fake Air Jordan 1 High OG Black Satin

Silk Air Jordan 1 has always been a good price. After seeing this set of objects, do these black silks make you really coveted?

According to previous information, it is expected to be released on January 11 next year, probably the first commemoration of the 135th anniversary of Air Jordan next year.

If you want more pictures and details of the sale, please follow our report. We will continue to pay attention to and bring the latest reports as soon as possible.

Air Jordan 1 High OG “Black Satin”

Style Code: 555088-060

Release Date: January 11st, 2020

Air Jordan 1 High OG Black Satin

Air Jordan 1 High OG Black Satin

Air Jordan 1

Best Air Jordan 1 Black Satin

How to Spot Nike Air Force 1 Low 07 LV8 “Wheat / Flax”?

Recently, Nike has released a brand-new Air Force 1 Low 07 LV8 “Wheat/Flax”, which has acquired many concerns.

Nike Air Force 1 High “Wheat / Flax”

Depend on the dressing style similar to rhubarb boots, Air Force 1 has become the best choice for many people to wear in autumn and winter. This year Nike continues to introduce wheat color Air Force 1.

Cheap Nike Air Force 1 High “Wheat / Flax”

This time, it is also presented in the way of high and low versions. The uppers are made of wheat-colored nubuck leather in order to improve wear resistance while showing excellent texture.

Raw rubber sole and upper style are in harmony, matching with nylon laces of the same color, and embodying the tooling style in place. The side leather Swoosh Logo further embodies the unique charm of the two shoes. Presumably, the on-foot effect is excellent.

Fake Nike Air Force 1 High “Wheat / Flax”

Nike Air Force 1 High “Wheat / Flax”

Style Code: CJ9178-200

Air Force 1 High “Wheat / Flax”

Air Force 1 High “Wheat / Flax”

Air Force 1 High “Wheat / Flax”


Where & How To Buy Cheap Nike Air Force 1 Low “Skeleton”?

At the end of each year, the so-called “peak season” will come to the sneaker market. In addition to the cooler weather, which is more suitable for wearing sneakers, Nike will bring us a lot of new products.

With the approaching of Halloween, according to the annual practice, a number of Halloween theme-matching shoes will be introduced.

Some time ago, a Halloween color matching Air Force 1 has been exposed!

 Cheap Nike Air Force 1 Low Skeleton

The iconic phalanx perspective design reminds us of the same white Air Force 1 designed last year.

With its unique pattern design, Halloween breath and luminous night sole design, these shoes have not yet been officially sold, which has attracted the attention of many fans.

Nike Air Force 1 Low Skeleton

In recent times, the official maps of this Nike Air Force 1 Low “Skeleton” have been exposed online. Friends who like these shoes must seize the opportunity!

Nike Air Force 1 Low Skeleton

The shoe body designed with black as its main tone which makes the white skeleton perspective patterns more obvious. And the visual effect of black-white collision is as great as the white version.

Look from the side of the shoe, the out-sole used the same special material as the previous one. It might adopt the same reflective material as before. These treatments really make people more coveted for it.

At present, the official report said that these shoes will be officially released on October 25th. And interested friends can pay attention to our report continuously.

Nike Air Force 1 Low Skeleton

Style code: BQ7541-001

Release Date: October 25th

Nike Air Force 1 Low Skeleton

Nike Air Force 1 Low Skeleton

Three Silk Air Force 1 is on sale

Previously, a blue silk Air Force 1 appeared on the Internet. The delicate embroidery and unique specifications make people think of CLOT x Air Force 1 white silk. And it makes many players look forward to.

silk Air Force 1

Recently, the Air Force 1 finally officially released these three silk color matching shoes, which greatly satisfied the long-time expectations of sneakerheads all over the world.

The official has announced the release date. Japan’s sneakers stores have sold recently. At the same time, two other silk color matching products will be on the market at the same time.

Silk Air Force 1 White

The third color matching combines the texture of the previous two color matching and is decorated with red and orange, bringing a gorgeous shape with Chinese charm.

Silk Air Force 1 Orange

Grab a look at those off-foot images and cop one if you are interested.

You can find all the details about these shoes and the news about the upcoming Air Force releases 2019 on Snkes.co. And we will offer you the best high-quality sneaker shoes at a rock-bottom price with our team’s sincere service!

Silk Air Force 1 Blue

This blue silk Air Force 1 shoe body is made of satin material, embroidered with unique geometric texture, delicate and magical.

There is also a white theme, upper embroidery with light pink flower texture, look more similar to white silk.

Which Air Force 1 Is Worth Buying?

In recent times, Nike’s official media center released a new air force 1 for women.

Air Force 1 Shadow

Air Force 1 Shadow shoe features a “double Swoosh logo overlay” and presents a multi-level design in detail. At the same time, with bold design techniques, these extraordinary and distinct classical elements are reinterpreted and highlighted in the avant-garde and elegant way.

cheap air force 1 Shadow

Air Force 1 Shadow

The two treatments that the increased midsole specially designed for girls is designed with a fashionable sense of promotion, and the shoes make the core stand out in the outsole, make the shoes lighter and more comfortable as a whole.

Air Force 1 Shadow

Air Force 1 Shadow

The series shoes of Air Force 1 Shadow will be launched in the late half of September. And two Air Force 1 sneaker shoes which are specially designed for girls will make their debut continuously.

The first is Air Force 1 Shell, its design inspiration is originated from Nike’s main “hardcore” jacket (which is commonly dubbed as water-resistant cap jacket). It also integrated into rope drawing details to realize the free adjustment of sculpting.

And the DWR coating material featuring wear-resistant and water-resistant can effectively moisture-proof and cold-proof. It is very suitable for wearing in autumn and winter.

Air Force 1 Shell

And another style is Air Force 1 Reflective. It added brand-new design in shoe tongue and shoelace, which combined pebble-patterned skin with 3M reflective material.

Air Force 1 Reflective

These two shoes will be officially released in the early half of November. And subsequently, we will pay continuous attention to the latest news so as to bringing the latest report for sneakerheads at the first time.

Where to Buy Air Force 1 “What The LA”?

Nike uses a variety of colorful “What The” theme design, which can be said to be one of the favorite series of many footwear lovers.

Nike Air Force 1 Low What the LA

Recently, an Air Force 1 named “What The LA” appeared on the stage and performed quite amazingly.

 What the LA

This model uses the classic Air Force 1 Low shoe model as the design blueprint. The shoe head is made of leather, and the side body is matched with fine turning fur fabric, which brings a rich sense of hierarchy. At the same time, the tongue is made of mesh material. The whole shoe material is very conscientious.

Nike Air Force 1 What the LA

Most noteworthy is the color scheme of the whole pair of shoes, inspired by many famous teams in Los Angeles. The upper covers many colors such as white, black, red, yellow, blue, green, purple and orange.

It is not difficult to see the Lakers, the Clippers, the Sparks (WNBA), the Kings (NHL), the Rams (NFL), the Dodgers (MLB) and the Galaxy (MLS) team’s iconic color matching, and presented in the form of asymmetric ducks, bringing a very dazzling visual effect.

Air Force 1 Low What the LA

Side Swoosh Logo brings a variety of styles, such as pure color, gradient and so on. The inside of the right foot Swoosh is decorated with basketball textured leather. The inside of the left foot is decorated with a baseball line, and the outside of the shoe head is decorated with Mini Swoosh, which is very delicate.

Air Force 1 What the LA

The midsole is splashed with ink, bringing a full graffiti style, and the crystal outsole configuration is extraordinarily luxurious. The side positions of the insoles and heel with the words “Los Angeles” highlight the city theme.

According to the current news, this brand-new color matching is expected to be released this autumn, the specific information has not yet been released, interested friends may wish to continue to pay attention to us, we will bring follow-up reports in the first time.

Nike Air Force 1 Low “ What the LA”

Style Code: CT1117-100

Nike Air Force 1 Low What the LA

Where to Buy Air Jordan 1 React?

Air Jordan 1 has a variety of derivatives, such as this cheap Air Jordan 1 Flyknit is a good derivative series.

Air Jordan 1 Flyknit

But maybe you haven’t seen these Air Jordan 1 React. Recently, a pair of black and purple air Jordan 1 React was first exposed.

Air Jordan 1 React

This pair of shoes use the runner’s technology React midsole, with a three-dimensional Swoosh Logo on the side, and the overall shape is unprecedented.

low-price air jordan 1 react

Not only that, the shoes are made of leather, nylon, thermosetting and lacquer.

new air jordan 1 react

It is reported that this pair of shoes will be on sale this autumn, and the style code is AR5321-005.

Interested partners can continue to pay attention to our information, and we will bring follow-up reports as soon as possible.

Air Jordan 1 React

Air Jordan 1 React

Air Jordan 1 High Zoom R2T Physical Map Exposed

Recently, a new set of Air Jordan 1 High Zoom R2T physical pictures have been exposed. But where to buy cheap Air Jordan 1 High Zoom R2T?Air Jordan 1 High Zoom R2T

The whole shoe body is charcoal black in the non-reflective state, while in the reflective state, the effect is extremely dazzling, showing a dazzling color similar to blue.

Cheap Air Jordan 1 High Zoom R2T

The Zoom tags are added under the flanking logo to show the special identity different from the previous ones. With a crystal base, the overall effect is very cool.

Air Jordan 1 High Zoom R2T

The midsole part adopts Zoom Strobel air cushion without midsole cloth as KD12, and the feet feel is completely upgraded!

cheap air jordan 1

It is known that this shoe is expected to appear at the end of the year. Interested friends can pay attention to us and we will bring you the latest news.

Air Jordan 1 High Zoom R2T

Fake Air Jordan 1 High Zoom R2T

Air Jordan 1 High Zoom R2T Replica

Air Jordan 1 High Zoom R2T

Air Jordan 1 High Zoom R2T

Air Jordan 1 High Zoom R2T

Air Jordan 1 High Zoom R2T

Which pair of Air Jordan 34 do you like best?

Cheap Air Jordan 34

Every year, the release of Air Jordan’s latest generation of warfare boots will set off a boom. This year’s event brings the official release of “Air Jordan 34” and lifts the mysterious veil of the 34th generation of flying warfare boots.

This is a very subversive new combat boot, in which the shadow of Air Jordan’s previous work can hardly be seen, and the “salute” to Air Jordan 4 is also extremely restrained. It has not been greatly exaggerated, but only obscured in details.

Cheap Jordan 34 Blue Void

Fake Jordan 34 Blue Void

As the lightest Jordan wartime boot in history, Eclipse Plate, a new hollowed-out platform with Zoom Air cushion on the front and back palms, became the protagonist of the shoes.

The application of translucent cicada wing upper also allows the shoes to lose weight while bringing fashion-leading beauty.

In addition to Bred and Blue Void, which appeared on the day of the launch, Jordan Brand also officially announced three new color matches.

Air Jordan 34

Blue Void will be released on September 25.

Air Jordan 34 Blue Void

Color: Blue Void/Green Glow-Black-Metallic Silver

Style Code: AR3240-400

Release Date: September 25, 2019

Jordan 34 Blue Void Replica

Blue Void

Air Jordan 34 Blue Void

The second color matching is Bred black and red, which pays tribute to the most popular and classic dress in Air Jordan’s history. Nike Air embroidery on the heel is already overwhelming!

Black and red Bred may be officially launched in early October, with white tones as the main refreshing dress, which is also a good choice for streetwear.

Air Jordan 34 Bred

Cheap Jordan 34 Bred

Fake Jordan 34 Bred

Eclipse matching matches the theme of modern science and technology, guided by the spirit of “Seeing the Sun through Clouds”, this pair of shoes has sophisticated details besides calmness, paying tribute to MJ’s hard journey to break through the difficulties of the Pistons and finally win the championship.

Air Jordan 34 Eclipse

Cheap Jordan 34 Eclipse

Fake Jordan 34 Eclipse

Guo Allen PE’s color matching is still a Chinese jade dress. The motto “Where the heart is, where the body is going” has been retained. The upper shows snow leopard texture, which has a high sense!

Inspired by ancient Chinese weapons, personal signs and Jumpman are presented on the left and right heels respectively, showing Guo Allen’s impact.

Air Jordan 34 Guo Allen PE

Cheap Jordan 34 Guo Allen PE

Jordan 34 Guo Allen PE Replica

Amber Rise color matching takes the vision of human landing on Mars as the theme, and presents the surface tone of Mars on the upper of the shoe, which demonstrates the spirit of daring to think and do.

Air Jordan 34 Amber Rise

Cheap Jordan 34 Amber Rise

Cheap Air Jordan 34

At present, except for the first color matching, the sale date of the other color matching is uncertain.